Grape brandy

Price: 3,80 BGL

Grape brandy

Description: Fresh flavor of ripe quality grapes. The aftertaste is charming.

Packing: A bottle with a dropper.

Content: 10 ml. essence on a propylene glycol base.

Directions for use:

  1. Flavoring of 50 liters of brandy:

      - Pour the entire quantity of the essence into 1 liter of brandy.

      - After 24 h pour this 1 liter into the remaining 49 l.

To achieve the maximum effect it is necessary to keep it for 24 hours.

  2. Flavoring of 1 l. of brandy.

   -Drip 10-15 drops. The flavored amount is kept for 24 hours for maximum dissolution of the essence.


1. The dosage is determined for 40-42 degrees of the brandy.

2. It is recommended that during flavoring the brandy be at a room temperature.

Manufacturer: Givaudan-Switzerland

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