Price: 3,80 BGL


Description:Rich bouquet of sweet spices, flavored tobacco, vanilla, chocolate and cognac liqueur on a clean wine basis.

Description: The flavor is nice and fresh, and juicy fruits dominate. The taste of the brandy is extremely harmonious with a very pleasant sweetness, soft and warm touch. The aftertaste is charming.

Packing: Bottle with dropper.

Content: 10 ml. essence on propylene glycol base

Directions for use:

  1. Flavoring of 50 liters of wine:

      - Pour the entire quantity of the essence in 1 liter of wine.

      - After 24 h pour this 1 liter into the remaining 49 l.

To achieve the maximum effect it is necessary to keep it for 24 hours.

  2. Flavoring of 1 liter of wine.

   - Drip 10-15 drops. The flavored amount is kept for 24 hours for maximum dissolution of the essence.


1. For different wines different amounts of flavoring are necessary.

2. The dosage depends on the sensory perceptions, taste preferences and wine quality.

2. The dosage depends on the taste preferences, sensory perceptions and brandy quality.

3. It is recommended that during flavoring the brandy be at a room temperature.

Manufacturer: Givaudan-Switzerland


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